Algo Wizard Essentials


In this course you will learn how to build your strategy using AlgoWizard. Everyting is step-by-step explained using real strategies. This way, everyone can learn how to build his strategy using this unique tool.

What Will I Learn?

  • AlgoWizard basics
  • How convert your ideas to the StrategyQuant X without coding

Topics for this course

14 Lessons


Course intro00:04:36
Robot’s logic intro00:13:28
How to use tabs00:22:33
Programmer’s Nook00:08:27
Indicator Conditions00:06:00
Candlestick Patterns00:08:55
Condition on Multiple Charts and Timeframes00:03:59
Time Conditions00:10:40
Strategy Control Condition00:01:40
Market Orders00:21:40
Profit target/Stop loss options00:02:39
Trading Options00:04:56
Another Actions00:03:06