StrategyQuant MasterClass (Bundle)


About Course

Reduce trading time to an hour per week and learn to build strategies that will be up to 90% successful in the long run, easily, quickly, without programming and for any market. AOS and StrategyQuant X software will help you with that. The price of the course also includes three other courses.

The online course focuses on building profitable automated strategies (AOS) that trade for you while you just control them. During the course, you will also learn to build strategies from the acquired templates automatically and without programming. StrategyQuant X software will help you with this, which according to the parameters from the templates will find the strategies itself, cross them, test them on historical data (stocks, futures, forex, cryptobourings, etc.) and select the best ones. The result will be strategies for any market, of which up to 90% will be successful in the long run.

The course is the work of teamwork of Zdeněk Zaňka, Kornel Mazur and Tomáš Vaňek and it also includes StrategyQuant X software, including historical data from various markets. It is part of the course for 3 months free.

As part of the course, you will also have access to a private forum, where you will be able to discuss your business, problems and knowledge with the lecturer. You can also meet new colleagues on the forum.

To get the course:

So you get the original course focused on automatic trading, where you will learn about another method of building strategies within 30 hours. The next course is the VPS and Live Trading course and the last is the unique Strategy Provider course, which will teach you how to make money by selling your successful strategies.

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Course Content

Introduction – Overview and basic terminology

  • How we divide the financial markets
  • Methods of working with risk
  • Forex – Main and cross pairs
  • Indicators
  • Platforms – A Basic guide
  • The MT4 Platform

Necessary theory about strategy building

A bit of theory about strategy building

Setting up StrategyQuant and data

Let’s start to build strategies

Strategy robustness testing

Seasonal Strategies

Generating strategie for indices

Introduction to the new StockPicking trading engine and CloudTrader trading platform.

Custom projects